Examinig the Ethical Foundation of Politics

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BOOK: Ellen Grigsby, Analyzing Politics: An Introduction to Political Science, 5th Edition. Wadsworth, 2012.
Chapter 1 The Introduction to the course
Describe the importance of local and personal politics and its impact on your daily life and in the life of your community.
Describe the importance of politics and its national and international impact.
Describe the traditionalists, behaviorists, and post-behaviorists methods of studying politics.
Chapter 2
Describe each of the following:
hypothesis formation, clear operational definitions of independent and dependent variables ; careful analyses of indicators, and
strict attention to the difference between ultimate causation and correlation-science.
Explain what is meant by empirical data collection and describe the following data collection methods :
Case studies, survey research, experiments, quasi?-experiments, and quantitative analysis.
Chapter 3 Concepts of Political Science Dictionary of Key Terms
Describe and define the concept of power and influence to both the practitioner and student of political science.
Describe the relationship between the rulers and the ruled and describe the role that interests play in creating motivation by rulers to wield power and describe interests that can force individuals or groups to change their positions and submit to the ruler.
List at least five tools of persuasion, explain and describe instances where the listed tools when applied forces humans to respond,
Chapter 4 Examinig the Ethical Foundation of Politics
Describe the history of ideas regarding human nature, politics, ethics, morality, from Ancient times to modern times.
Describe the relationship of concepts of, justice, governance, and the never-ending struggle over who gets what and the use of these measures to maintain adequate conformity to the ethical standards imposed by rulers or created by society and or groups.
Describe how you establish your code of ethics, describe cases of what you would do or not do, and whether or not you would create your own standards or go along with the standards imposed by your group or Government or society.
5 Governmental Ideology Liberalism and Conservatism
Describe the historic and modern Governmental ideology of liberalism
Describe and give examples of non-governmental personal and private group practice of liberalism.
6 Govenmental Ideology: Facism and Neo Facism
Describe and give examples of non governmental personal and private group practice of Facism
Describe and give examples of the historic and modern Governmental ideologies of Neo Facism
Describe and give examples of non governmental personal and private group practice of each of the previously described ideologies and indicate whether or not an individual can be either in different aspects of their lives.

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