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Browse the recent reports from 2 leading youth marketing firms:
Youth Marketing Connection’s YMC_WhatWeDo.pdf & Mr. Youth’s Classof2015_TheNewCollegeOrientation.pdf (Two docs seeing attachment)
Pick a brand client that they represent (or another brand with a well known/significant campus presence): Axe, American Eagle Outfitters, Activision, Rockstar Energy Drinks, Fuze, Nike, Adidas, TMobile, Blackberry, Apple, HP, Microsoft, Target, Victoria’s Secret, Chipotle, Pepsi, Coke.
Spend about 20-30 minutes browsing online to see what you can find about their student and campus marketing campaigns, and what new marketing strategies they’ve adopted to connect to student bodies. Find 3 links to new articles or ad and brand campaigns representing their efforts. Include those links.
Find at least 1 commercial for that brand that targets youth. Include that link.
For each of your 4 links, write a paragraph explaining your selection. To what extent did they reflect the study results and/or recommendations of the youth-focused marketing reports above? Considering our reading from Kathryn Montgomery in Generation Digital, compose 1-2 paragraphs reflecting on what you think her reaction to your findings would be.

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