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ll modern social science (anthropology, sociology, political science, etc) claims that we can know objective facts about the social world but we can not reason about values – what is better or worse – ethics. This is based on a notion of science that is the only true form of knowledge and excludes all normative claims – all “OUGHTS.” Existentialism in Nietzsche and others also claim that there is not a single eternal truth available about values and yet they insist on writing about how we ought to live. Please try to explain why this is an cite the text and lectures and video lectures in this essay. What does Nietzsche claim to be the true condition of man? What is wrong with the “last man” and thereby with you and me? And what standard can he use to support his claims if he agrees with that values are not objective facts? How is view about will and freedom and the state related to others we have read?
He needs to log in to my cayuga community college account, which he already knows how to, and go to Module #6 and get all the information since it is a requirement for the writer to cite the information from that module.

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