Exit Strategy for De’Vie Luxury Independent livin Community

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De”VIE is a brand new Luxury Independent Adult living community for the Savvy Seasoned adult. The Business Plan is already established but we need the Exit Strategy. Our plan is to pay investors off in 5 years, continue business the next 5 years, and evaluate whether to keep or sale after 10 years. We will evaluate after 10 years because we are getting a commercial lease on the building that will extend over a ten year period. Below is all of the information that should be included in the Exit Strategy.
“Address your early termination plans as well as your vision for the business at the end of year 5. The exit strategy takes into account the business ROI. It will also look at the rate of return you are offering investors (we will pay off 400,000 in 5 years plus interest). Private equity, or venture capital projects, should include both in the exit strategy. Lender Based projects do not require a rate of return but should include ROI. Use one of the common methods for exiting a business.

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