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The experimental design is based on a science research topic of interest to the student. The student should devise an experimental plan that hasn’t been published, based on papers found using an online literature search. In other words, the plan should be what will come next after examining what has already been carried out on a particular topic. The paper has a limit of 1000 words, not including references. It comprises a paragraph or two for an introduction, then a methods section, followed by references. I will assess the plans based on the objective or experimental hypothesis at the end of the introduction, the use of appropriate equipment, sensory panels (if appropriate), proper statistical analysis (including random sampling, number of samples, replication), and a statement of obtained ethical approval (if appropriate). All reagents and equipment suppliers need to be correctly identified by the name of the company, city, and country of location. No results, discussion, or conclusions are required. Marks will be deducted if the experimental plan is copied from other published information. This is plagiarism. Elements of the plan can be taken from other papers, but the student’s own plan should be an extension of currently knowledge.

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