Family law: the search for gender equality

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Family law: the search for gender equality
How should one understand the classical structure of marriage, divorce, custody? the general
principles of inheritance? the main differences of schools? the marriage of mut‘a? What are the
main trends in 20th Century Reform? How has the emergence of the feminist agenda in the
Middle East affected legislation and courts?
Codes: Arab Draft Unified Code of Personal Status (1986), in English in J. Nasir, The Islamic
Law to Personal Status, 2nd edn, Graham & Trotman, 1990 Differences amongst schools:
“Shi‘ism and Sunnism in Iraq: revisiting the codes”, in C. Mallat and J. Connors eds, Islamic
family law, London 1990, 71-91.
Selection of modern and classical cases from Ziba Mir-Hosseini, Marriage on Trial, I.B. Tauris,
1993; S. Haeri, Law of Desire, Tauris, 1989; Judith Tucker, In the House of the Law: Gender and
Islamic Law in Ottoman Syria and Palestine, Berkeley 1998; Lawrence Rosen, The Justice of
Islam: comparative perspectives on Islamic law and society, Oxford 2000

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