Film Noir and Neo Noir on the basis of two movies

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Please explain by means/on the basis of the given movies, the various features and differentiations of film noir and neo noir. Elaborate and give them specific examples, go straight into details of the movies to prove all features and differences. With a little conclusion.
Use these movies Double Indemnity(or/and Out of the past which fits better) and Basic Instinct (or/and Sin City)
The following sources should be included:
Durgnat, Raymond. 1974. “The Family Tree of Film Noir.”
Strinati, Dominic. 2000. An Introduction to Studying Popular Culture. London, N.Y.:
Routledge. Print.
Harvey, Sylvia. 1980. Woman’s Place: The Absent Family of Film Noir. London. Print.
The writer can chose the 4th one.

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