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Look over the OPT model, take the client you have chosen for assn. 1, 2 and 3 and design a 3 month training program utilizing the OPT Model and the three different levels of training- stabilization, strength, and power. You are to take your programs and rationales from your earlier assignments and develop one more phase (which will be Phase 5-Power Training) totaling 3 total phases for you final project.
Your project will have:
• Introduction/background information of your client
• All Assessments (Fitness Assessments, Movement Assessments, Performance Assessments)
–Jerome, you have failed to have your athlete to perform the Postural and Movement Assessments (perform & list) in Assignment 1. Make sure you look at Ch. 6 of your textbook and p.7 to p.14 on the NASM essentials workshop document to assist you. You need to assess your athlete posture and have them perform the movements. Reform and list in detailed the exercises you are having them to do. This is essential in this final project.-
• 3 OPT Templates filled in for 3 phases (All acute variables filled in)
• Detailed rationales for each phase of training (Rationales-Explain and support what you have done and why)
• Paper must be organized with headings
• Paper must follow all rules of APA formatting
• A 1 year periodzation plan (fill in template listed-OPT Annual Progression)
• Minimum 8 references
• Minimum 10 pages (excluding title page and reference page)
You will construct one document with all project requirements listed above. Your final project is a detailed 3 month training program based off your client’s goals along with a “general” periodization plan for the remaining 9 months totaling 1 year.
You will use the NASM-Annual Progression document and only fill in the phases you will use for each of the remaining 9 months. You do not have to include detailed programs for the remaining 9 months. You are to express detail in your program covering all acute variables such as sets, reps, tempo, and rest.
Your submission should show the actual program in a chart form (OPT Template) and below your chart a detailed rationale in narrative form.

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