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Assessment for HI5002: Business Finance
Group Memo Marking Rubric preamble for students
Group Memos – Individually Marked: You are required to form-up into groups of three to six
(your task, not the lecturer’s) and to inform your lecturer of who is in your group (this will be
done on the Memo).
Memo Assignments and Structure – Periodically, a memo question will be assigned during lecture or tutorial and a written description of that question will be posted to the assignment section of Blackboard. A total of four Memos will be assigned during the term. Each group is expected to write a memo of ½ to 1½ pages with the following sections:
Headers (5 marks) with:
Please Note: the “re:” line is a few descriptors to help with filing.
Context Line (15 marks): One to two sentences that should provide a clear and concise statement of the issues and consequences (i.e. why the reader should read the memo). Action Line (25 Marks): One to three sentences that is like a conclusion but should provide An excellent clear concise statement of how to resolve the issues (i.e. what do you, as the crafter/s of the Memo want the reader to do).
Rest of the Memo (25 Marks): Supports the action line. Ideally, it should provide excellent insight plus strong, clear, and concise support for the action line and that support must be clearly tied to the action line.
Marking of the Memos (70/07 = 10 Marks each) – The marks given for best 3 of 4 assigned memos or the best 4 of five assigned memos will be added to provide the total mark out of 20 (NB: If four memos are assigned then there are a possible 21/20 marks, but a maximum of 20 marks will be given – if 5 memos are assigned then the mark out of 28 will be multiplied by 0.75
(i.e. 21/28) and again a maximum of 20 marks will be given).
The marking Rubric: is given on Blackboard in the assignment section and was based on the following criteria:
The purpose of the assessment task is to develop and assess students’ logic, communication, and writing skills. Accordingly, marks are not awarded directly for content but are based on the following attributes:
1. Conciseness,
2. Coverage of the material, and
3. Value to the reader in making a decision.
Other: Ideally, the groups that you form to do the Memos will also help you form into study groups. Please note: The Memo Groups are notional dissolved after each memo is submitted and students are free to reform the group or to form a different group.
Free-riders need to be aware that they may have difficulty finding a group if the behave badly.
Also, one to three of the assigned memos will form the basis of questions in the Final Exam.
Thus, those who do not participate in researching and writing the memos will suffer significantly in the Final Exam.

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