Formative, process, and outcome evaluation in human services programs

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This week’s Seminar will delve into formative, process, and outcome evaluation in human services programs. You should make complete the assigned readings for the unit before the Seminar and come prepared to discuss the following topics:
1.Briefly describe each type of evaluation and what purpose each one serves.
2.In the search using the Kaplan library, how many results you get for each type of evaluation, did the results surprise you? Explain.
3.Discuss how to write a clear objective for a program and why it is important to make sure they are measureable and specific.
Textbook Information
Title: Program Evaluation: An Introduction (5th Ed)
Author: Royse, D., Thyer, B., & Padgett, D. (2010)< Physical Text ISBN: 978-0495601661 Publisher: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning Digital Book or Physical Text: Digital Book< •Chapter 5: “Formative and Process Evaluation” •Chapter 9, pp. 207–211: “Group Research Designs” In the Web Resources icon, watch “How to Identify Scholarly Journal” from Clips for Class for guidance using outside sources (besides the text) to back up your answer to the questions in this week’s project. [meteor_slideshow slideshow="best" metadata="height: 126, width: 630"]

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