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You are required to write a short three-?ve page research paper
You should follow the following guidelines:
1. Read the textbook or other sources for your topic.
2.You must use one ?primary source?; Davidson Experience History has many
examples of primary sources in the ?Dueling Documents? portion of the textbook. If
you do not understand primary sources or secondary sources, ask me.
3.You must ?nd two ?secondary sources?; Davidson?s suggested readings at the end
of each chapter contains many sources. You can access these through North Lake
library website.
4.You may use the textbook as a secondary source, but you must use at least
one other source e.g. scholarly article (EBSCO, Academic Search Premier,
JSTOR and American Historical Journal are good sources for scholarly articles)
or historical book or study. Note internet sources such as Wikipedia are not
suf?cient as a source.
5.After you choose a topic, send me an e-mail clearly stating your topic.
6. In your research paper you should:
Identify the key issues in the topic.
Create a ?thesis? that explains the historical significance of your topic.
Is there a debate over an interpretation in the literature e.g. sources?
What do you think is the best interpretation of this topic?
What can we conclude about the topic in terms of social, cultural, political or economic
7. You must cite your selection according to MLA Format (I distributed MLA
guidelines in class). You may use the textbook or other secondary sources, but
they must be cited according to MLA format with a ?Work Cited? page
You must reference the text using MLA format (12? font, double-spaced, Times New
Roman). You must use formal, academic writing. Avoid using Wikipedia as a source.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

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