Free Press and Fair Trials, Balancing the Right to Free Press and the Right to Have a Fair Trial: Search for the Right Proportionality Test

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Actually this will be a part of my dissertation. So, you do not need to begin with the definitions. and Warbrick You should rely on Sunday Times v UK case because I am writing about the wrong test applied in that case and other than the rigorous approach applied in Sunday Times case, I would like you to write the right proportional test for balancing the right to free press and right to have a fair trial. One of them is continuing like this that a restriction is unlikely to be considered proportionate where a less restrictive, but equally effective, alternative exists, but not pursue (Thereafter this test will be referred as ‘less intrusive means test’ another is means/end analysis’ test. These tests are from Harris, O’Boyle & Warbrick: Law of the European Convention on Human Rights. However, if you can just find out different tests which are useful, that would be great.
Referencing Requirements:
I would like to have in my dissertation journals, books, commentaries, newspaper articles, Contempt of Court act 1981. Harris, O’Boyle & Warbrick: Law of the European Convention on Human Rights( 2nd edition) in this one there are tests

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