Full value chain and user research for my own designed product

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I designed a mirror, and my business tutor ask me to write this paper in order to proof that I understand the value chain of my product, my target user, display in gallary etc. The brief is: It is a full relationship model for your business, outlining the full value chain and having evidence that the key relationships will work. It needs evidence that you have the expertise for the business and have researched how to make this happen in terms of your supply chain. And in my case, he suggested to chat with pertanial user, interior designer, may be someone who happy to stock my product as art piece? Why people buy this modern expensive mirror, what is their pay grade, what kind life they are living.How to find the first few user who would like to buy my product.
I uploaded my product picture, and here is a short explanation. It is a re-design project of everyday mirror. It can open and close like a album. All the gold mirrors are made with brass(vintage style), and every small mirror can flip over. On their back side, user can put their favourite photos, imagines on. The idea is to re-creat relationship between people and object,in this case I used emotion method. Not like normal mirror, this one will keep a bit of user’s memory or hobby, so that user will appreciate it and won’t throw it away easily like everything else in these days. I locate target user would be office workers, who earn more money than they need for living. They have very busy life, and live in modern apartment. Everyday morning they sees their face in mirror, and now they can see their partner, friends, parents at the same time. My plan is to contact art gallary in london first, see if they would display this object. And it may be also a good idea to research or get in touch with stores such as John Lewis furniture part, or selfridge modern design department. This paper is only 4pages, and my tutor ask for real research work. May be a screenshot of live chat or photos. I dont know what you are capable of, but please make the research looks super real and original. He also require a flow chat at the end, which explain the detail of customer journy. I guess it suppose to like this:Designing-Manufacturing-dipatch-gallery display-taking orders-transport to stores-shop selling-user buying-delivery-place at home-user activities.)where to put my idea, how would user find it? However I am not sure, so do what you think is appropriate.

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