Genetically modified foods paper- why GMO products should be labled

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in a 4 page paper-
identify these key points:
The Controversy: Identify the controversy- it should be mandated that GMO products be labeled.
The Major Players: Who is involved? Why are they involved?
Important Facts: State relevant facts concerning the issue. Try to separate fact from opinion. Try not to show your own bias. Properly use APA citations
Side One: Arguments; state briefly and cite your sources
Side Two: Arguments; state briefly and cite your sources
Your Opinion and Rationale: I believe that…, We should…, I feel that… Use supporting arguments and rationale. What arguments would you use to present to those who disagree with you? Cite all of your sources
People consuming the food may have allergies or health conditions. The chemicals in the plants may go into fruits and vegetable in unknown amounts creating inconsistencies in the food chain. Without labels on foods that are genetically modified, people are unable to make an educated choice in what they chose to eat. I’m not saying I am against GMOs but any modified food needs to be labeled as such.
due tomorrow 2 pm
4 pages APA format
in text citations
checked for plagurism

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