geography essay

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geography essay
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Antarctic xxx Arctic region xxx regions xxxxxx the xxxxx xx xxx earth. xxxx are known xxx xxxxxxxxx low xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx ice covers xx xxxx parts. xxx xxxxxxxxx is located xx xxx xxxxx xxxx while xxx xxxxxx is located xx xxx North xxxxx Today, the xxxxxx lacks xxxx summers xxxxxxx the xxxx that xxx xxx xxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxx in xxxx region xxxx xxx hours in the winter. The xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx in xxxxx regions is less then xxx xxxxxxx a month.
Archeological studies xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx that xxx xxxxxx of xxxxxx dioxide xx the xxxxxxxxxx xx xxx polar xxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx that is in xxx atmosphere today. As x xxxxxx xx this xxx temperature was slightly xxxxx xxx Celsius and these xxxxxxxxxxx that xx well in cold environment
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