German Unification Dissertation Topics

Germany was effectively unified in 1871 when Otto von Bismarck managed to unify all the independent states into one nation. But there is some debate surrounding about whether or not there was a master plan to unify Germany or whether the aim was in fact to merely expand the Prussian State. The history of Germany and the German Unification lends much to discuss within your history dissertation.

  • Was German unification always inevitable? Consider the events that led to unification to effectively determine whether Germany was always heading towards it.
  • In what ways did German unification represent a victory for German liberals during this period? Discuss.
  • Explain the significance of the Schleswig Holstein crisis to German unification – was it the key reason why unification was achieved?
  • How important was Bismarck to the unification of Germany?
  • Was Germany’s unification a success?
  • What was Germany’s biggest achievement upon its unification?
  • What failings did Germany’s unification fail to address?
  • Did Germany’s unification serve to remove the divisions within society and government?
  • Why was Germany’s unification so important for European society at this time?
  • Consider the reasons why Germany’s unification was so important.

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