Giant ICN: Formation of the A-Team & Navitas V.Kaplan

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This case study requires students to analysis a set of questions relating to a particular case study.
Students prepare for each case study by preparing a two page response to the questions.
To complete these 2 case study please follow the book : Strategic Management /by Hubbard, Rice & Beamish
ISBN: 9781442528680.
The Fist case study : Case 9 Giant ICN : formation of the A-Team (p.520-528)
Please answer this 7 questions as I listed , I don’t need any introduction paragraph , and I need two pages for this case study :
1.Why was the A-Team established?
2.Is there some relevance that the firms were all Taiwanese firms?
3.What kind of activities/mechanisms contributed to the mutual learning among A-Team members?
4.Is cooperating with a direct competitor (such as between Merida and Giant) a viable
prospect for the A-Team in the long term?
5.Is it okay if one partner gains more from the alliance than others?
6.What should Lo do to help the A-Team achieve all of the objectives set in 2003?
7.Under what conditions might the A-Team break up?

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