Globalisation of Services v Globalisation of Goods Development Essay

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Topic: the globalisation of services has lagged significantly behind the globalisation of manufactured goods. Discuss this assertion.
Use double space 12 point font and an author/date referencing system (use the author date system from one of the international business journals). The assignment should be structured as an essay, not a report, so it will have an introduction, a body and conclusions. Use headings to separate sections. There is no need for an abstract or executive summary and no recommendations are necessary.
The assignments will be marked on the following criteria. Each has equal weighting.
Criterion Requirements
> Coverage of the issues * to what extent have you identified important points in the topic
> Depth of analysis * how deeply have you examined and addressed the points
> Logic and reasoning * do your arguments make sense
> Evidence of research * to what extent have you brought in relevant researched ideas and support

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