God as Rational Thought

1.What does “Moral Goodness,” morally bad actions mean?
2.Define the following words: propositions, clairvoyance, olfactory, antecedent, quintessential, inductive, cosmology, omen, Rationality, telepathic, epistemological, culpable, teleological argument, supererogatory, epistemic.
3.Explain in detail the three ways of obligations to do positive actions?
4.Explain in detail the two kinds of moral truths? Page 36.
5.Explain in detail what Swinburne means by “Epistemic Justification?”
6.Explain in detail the meaning of inductive criteria?
7.What is a deductive argument?. Provide examples. Outside sources are acceptable just cite the work.
8.Define the “Principle of Testimony,”
9.Outline the story of the detective. What is the point the author is attempting to make?
10.Outline the ramifications of the failure to investigate the truth of a proposition. What is the point of the argument?

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