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Purpose: Social psychological theories, concepts, and principles provide explanations for human behavior in a number of contexts. For this assignment, you will watch a movie/episode from a series and provide a social psychological explanation of a scene (or scenes) from the film.

Instructions: Below you will find a list of movies/series to watch and you must pick one to watch and write about. After watching the movie/series, write a paper in which you apply four different concepts, theories, or principles that we have covered up to this point in the course.
Your paper must:
1. Fully describe the scene(s) from the movie/series that you chose (give enough detail that someone who
hasn’t seen the movie/series will be able to understand what’s happening)
2. Fully describe each of the four social psych concepts, theories, or principles that you are applying
3. Explain how each concept relates to the scene that you’ve identified
4. In some cases, a scene may violate a particular social psych concept, theory, or principle. You can
choose to write your paper based on how the scene fails to conform to the predictions of the concept, theory, or principle.
Essay Break Down:
* Introduction: introduce the film that you have chosen and the concepts, theories, or principles you will
be talking about
* Body paragraphs: one paragraph for each of the four concepts, theories, or principles
* Conclusion
Your paper must be:
* Length: 2-4 pages (anything less or more will receive a full point deduction)
* Spelling & grammar: ANY spelling or grammatical errors (whether it’s 1 error or 10 errors) will receive
a 1⁄2 point deduction
* Typed, double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins, page numbers, and LAST
NAME ON EACH PAGE as a header or a footer ( 1⁄2 point deduction otherwise)
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