Has the former Disney sweetheart Miley Cyrus gone from a golden girl to a wrecking ball since the Hannah Montana series?

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A portfolio of work (minimum 2000 words) relating to the research topic including:
1.Aims and objectives related to this topic. (50-200 words) Aims and objectives should plan out what your paper’s core argument will be and what methodology you will use to achieve it.
2.A brief review of the literature related to this subject (300-700 words).
3.A short academic paper (original academic argument based on primary research), including proper referencing and bibliography on this subject (800-1000 words).
4.A survey of the potential market for a TV or radio documentary on this subject (vox pop questionnaire-based survey – 20-40 respondents; 3-5 focused audience interviews; and a short survey of the existing market competition and potential producers/distributors), including a graphic representation and a brief statistical analysis of the results (200-600 words)
5.A formal written proposal for this TV or radio documentary (800 words), including budgeting considerations, plus a letter of introduction (100-200 words).

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