Health and Healing: Client Centred Care of Individuals and Families in Homes and Acute Settings

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Attention: The 2 articles are attached please read them in order to be able to answer these 3 questions, and do not forget to put the citation and the reference page.
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Please respond to the following 2 questions. Evaluation criteria will include depth & breadth of response; 275 words minimum – 300 words maximum (not including references). Evaluation criteria will include depth & breadth of response;
Question#1: According Mitchell, G.J. (1999) and Faucett,J., Watson,…(2001) articles: Can Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) and Client Centred Care work together and do personal accounts/lived experiences constitute evidence? If so, please provide an example from your clinical practice to demonstrate how CCC is compatible with EBP. Please start with a definition of EBP.
Question#2: The harmonious existence of EBP with client-centered care can be achieved as long as scientific evidence is always balanced within the humanistic aspect of nursing care. Every encounter I have with a client is based on some form of EBP, whether it is communication or the technical deliverance of medical care. Why?
Question#3: Why or How the exclusive application of the empirically focused EBP could threaten the very foundation of nursing, which is theory grounded practice?

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