Healthcare Management

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This activity will provide you with an opportunity to work with an established financial statement of revenue and expenses for MHS (Baker & Baker, 2011). In this activity, two years of financial data will be compared using common sizing and ratios commonly used in health care organizations.
You will be using Excel® for this activity. Refer to the atomic learning tutorial if you need additional help in setting up your spreadsheet.
1. Set up an Excel spreadsheet to include the revenue and expenses from current and prior year from the Metropolis Health System (MHS) comparative financial statements in the Examples and Exercises section.
2. Once you have put the categories in place on the spreadsheet down the left side, enter the dollar amounts under each year that correspond to each category in the year columns next to each other.
3. Create a common size column beside the dollar amounts to prepare to enter the percentages.
4. Common size the MHS Statement of Revenue and Expenses for each category.
5. On the same Excel spreadsheet, in the rows beneath your common sizing activity calculations, enter the calculations for the following ratios, using the formulas provided in your text:
o Quick Ratio
o Days Receivables
o Operating Margin

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