Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad- Summary

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State the plot of Heart of Darkness;
name the characters of Heart of Darkness;
identify the ideas of Heart of Darkness;
identify the speaker and situation within the text of Heart of Darkness, when given a quote from the novel; and
identify technique or the peculiarities of the craft of Heart of Darkness, with regard to the novel as an art form.
Why does Marlow lie to Kurtz’s fiancée? Answer in 300 words, more or less. In answering, try to state what is at risk for Marlow. What is “the truth” that the novel offers, and why does Marlow think that “the house would collapse” and the “heavens would fall” on his head when he tells this lie? What’s the big deal? Whatever the big deal is for Marlow at this point, Conrad wants the reader to accept it as important in the reader’s life as well.

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