Find out the prices of heating oil, natural gas, and electricity in your area, and determine the cost of each per kWh of energy supplied to the house as heat. Go through your utility bills and determine how much money you spent for heating last January. Also determine how much your January heating bill would be for each of the heating systems if you had the latest and most efficient system installed.


Prepare a report on the heating systems available in your area for residential buildings. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each system and compare their initial and operating costs. What are the important factors in the selection of a heating system? Give some guidelines. Identify the conditions under which each heating system would be the best choice in your area.


The performance of a device is defined as the ratio of the desired output to the required input, and this definition can be extended to nontechnical fields. For example, your performance in this course can be viewed as the grade you earn relative to the effort you put in. If you have been investing a lot of time in this course and your grades do not reflect it, you are performing poorly. In that case, perhaps you should try to find out the underlying cause and how to correct the problem. Give three other definitions of performance from nontechnical fields and discuss them.

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