Highway civil engineering

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Auckland is New Zealand’s most populated city.
Traffic congestion is a major problem and many Auckland Council funded projects are managed by Auckland Transport to try and resolve this.
As part of your main project for this course, the following tasks are to be completed as Part 1 of a two part exercise.
The tasks are:
1. Identify a roading project from the list being constructed, completed or to be constructed in the near future from Auckland Transport’s website or a visit to their offices.
Ensure that the project has enough information and data to fulfill the following.
• Background information that is transport related including references to ‘route corridors’, problem statements and project objectives
• Route selection process – how the corridor was decided?
• Affected parties
• Environmental concerns
• Consultation process
• Project history
• Benefits: describe with aid of diagrams or plans
• Technical challenges and Final design
2. You are to write no more than 1500 words, excluding maps or plans, summarising the above.
3. Please provide the table of contents
In details:
Please could you go and visit this web-site and write about this project only.

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