Historical news coverage on “Bill Clinton and Lewinsky Scandal

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This time period has produced news of historic proportion — and new ways not only to deliver it, but for audiences to participate in the journalistic process. How well or poorly has the process worked? Is contemporary news coverage of similar issues and events improving, or are economic pressures reducing the resources available for traditional news gathering? What, if anything, needs to change in the years ahead to help you as a citizen who aspires to be a journalist or a citizen journalist or who simply needs to follow the news to fulfill your role as a citizen? What, after all, is the purpose of journalism? What do audiences need to know and does that differ from what they want to know?

“Historical” coverage: Focus on the political scandal “Bill clinton and Lewinsky.” Look closely at the content of the original coverage, and at the experiences and methods of the journalists who covered it. How has their work, especially on the event or events you’re focusing on, been affected by new technologies and the structure of news organizations? Were citizen journalists and/or social media playing a role in the coverage? If they are, document it; if they are not, explain why. What ethical issues, if any, arose in the coverage?
<Grading Criteria.
Paper Structure:
Clear introduction of ideas and of paper
Clear conclusion
Clear division of sections and time frames
Clearly written and logical exposition
Thoughtful questions asked and answered
Used supporting examples
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