History of Ecologically Sustainable Development in an Australian Context

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In this assignment you will use the resources supplied and conduct your own research to explore the history, rationale, implementation and impacts of ecologically sustainable development (ESD). You will relate the global history and rationale of ESD to implementation in the Australian context and evaluate the methods for implementing ESD in Australia relative to global implementation. Finally, you will analyse the potential impact of implementing ESD on Australia ’s economic, social and environmental outlook and suggest ways forward for effective implementation of ESD in Australia .
You will be required to write an essay of approximately 10 pages or 2500 words outlining and discussing the following:
• Historical milestones in the development of ESD
• The key principles of ESD as accepted in an Australian context
• Current global approaches to implementing ESD
• Implementation strategies for ESD in Australia
• The effect of the implementation of ESD on Australia ’s economic, social and environmental outlook
• Future requirements for achieving ESD in Australia
Your essay will include topics such as:
• Brundtland Report (Our Common Future)
• Rio Declaration
• Johannesburg Declaration
• Johannesburg Plan of Implementation
• Principles of ESD e.g. intergenerational equity, precautionary principle, protection of biodiversity and valuing and pricing of environmental assets
• International strategies for implementing ESD e.g. Kyoto Protocol, International Whaling
• National Strategy for Ecologically Sustainable Development
• Local Agenda 21 – Sydney region
• State and Local Government Strategies for implementing ESD in your region
• A discussion of the positive and negative effects of implementing ESD on Australia ’s economic, social and environmental outlook
• A discussion of what may be required to effectively achieve ESD in the future
• Scenario planning
Additional information for resources are available in case is needed.

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