History of Wind generated electricity in the last 25 years

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Instructions for the writer: Group presentation (Wind generated electricity). First of all I have to write 800– 900 word of the topic, identify one or more academic resources related to that aspect and prepare a 900 word written summary for the rest of the class.
Please mention Australia as part of this history and compare it to other country try to mention the history of wind energy in aspects of improvement and getting more effective and efficient.
Written executive summary posted on LMS on the Wednesday before the scheduled presentation. In one slide or image or object Five-minute presentation in class on the allocated day.
1-Assessment Criteria and Feedback For the 900 word summary • The resources chosen are pertinent and appropriate • The summary accurately reflects the resources used; • The topic is clearly introduced; • Ideas are well sequenced and it is clear which aspects are being dealt with; • There is a strong and concise conclusion; • Presentation is good and referencing accurate, and in APA 6th.
2-For the class presentation • The presentation is informative, • The presenter selects appropriate aspects to emphasize, • The presentation is properly structured to create and maintain interest • The presentation stays within the time limit
3-Important that sources are able to be accessed easily. They must not require a password or special software Please do not forget to put the page number for each reference that can easily help me to understand and know from where you got the info.

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