History Projects Since 1865

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History since 1865 begins with the promises of Reconstruction and continues through the struggles of the 20th century, largely defined by Cold War politics and militarism. We explore the meaning of freedom and American identity in the context of capitalist development and the U.S. as a global power. How did institutions such as the government or schools reflect these changes? What impact did unions or other grassroots organizations have on redefining values and priorities? What issues do we face in the 21st century? Particular emphasis will be placed on the experiences of working people, women and people of color.
This course is a historical exploration through reading, writing and dialogue to better understand the multicultural history of the U.S. To facilitate this process, we will:
• build a learning community in which each member is responsible for raising critical questions and
Discovering possible answers;
• explore the development of capitalism and the U.S. as a global power;
• investigate the struggles for democracy and justice from multiple perspectives;
• develop critical thinking and research skills to enable us to interpret history;
• analyze historical perspectives and assumptions.
In this course, students will:
• examine their own assumptions about the U.S. and uncover multiple historical perspectives to create a
Deeper historical understanding;
• be responsible to the class and course requirements by being punctual, prepared and actively involved;
• collaborate to integrate texts, lecture, discussion and research into a multicultural context;
• discover a personal role in perpetuating/challenging, making and writing history.

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