Holiday Musical Celebration

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Fautnaring music students from Barry University Department of Fine Arts. Dr. Beverly Coulter, Piano :(Sunday Dec 8,201546:00 PM:
1. Preliminary Music : Traditional Carols(Erithelgi Pramagkiouli Piano)
2.O Holy Night:Adram/Dwight (Cristine Jobson,soprano, Eva-lotta Raar, soprano.
3.II mio tescro (from Don Giovannl): Mozzart (Mathew Smith , tenor).
4. Where’er You Walk (from scmcle) Handel
5. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen: Tradtional English Carol. (Giregory Bascombe, tenor)
6.Panis Angelicus : Franck( Arr.Perry), Clydia Jeudy, soprano
7.Ave Maria :Schubert ( Celeste Frase-Delgado, soprano)
8. Where’re You walk (From Scmele): Handel
9.God Rest Ye Marry Grentlemen : Tradtional English Carol
10. Panis Angelicus : Frank ( Arr. Perry ): Clydia Jeudy, soprano , Meliss Charles , Soprano.
11. The First Noel :Tradtional Carol (Arr. smith): Mathew Smith , tenor ..Travis Hogue , clarinet
12. Deh Vieni , non tradar( from Le nozze di figaro): Mozzart : Clydia Jeudy , soprano
13.Rondeau : Parcell
14.Flower Dact: Delibes
15. Hangarian Dance :Brahm
16. Concerto for Two Violins (1 movement Vivace) :J.S.Bach. Kayla Nelson and Giovanni Ceron , violin.
17.Clanuka : Traditional Carol : Performance Workshop Enscmble . Kayla Nelson, Violin , Travis Hongue, clarinet
18. Festival of the flame : Peri .(Clydia Jeudy , Kayla Nelson , Melissa Charles)
Introduction :
1.Where , When , Who.
2. Pisces , Perfomed- Melody . texture, dynamies
Tempos : History – composers= Major , Minor …
Happy ? Gener
2-3 Paragraphs ( Explain each piece )
Conclusion : Opinion

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