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Please write on page on the following: Yapko discusses the controversy within the hypnosis field on the importance of tests for hypnotic susceptibility. He acknowledges the importance of such tests for research, but leaves a question mark as to whether they are useful in everyday clinical practice. Discuss your own opinions on this question, for your use of hypnosis? Will you dedicate energy to learning to reliably test hypnotic susceptibility, and if so, how will you use these tests? Use 2 sources please.
Please write one page on the following: Meyerson advocates transforming memories, implanting alternative childhood memories to modify recollections of personal history, with positive impact on mood, coping, and self-esteem. Discuss your evaluation of this approach. How might you utilize Meyerson’s approach with your volunteers? Please see the attached article and cite at least 2 things from this article.

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