Hospital Marketing Comparison and Marketing Plan

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Hospital Marketing Comparison and Marketing Plan
Submit the hospital selections for the course project to this assignment. Refer to the Hospital Marketing Comparison and Marketing Plan course project description for the details and requirements of the assignment. Refer to the Hospital Selection Scoring Guide for the grading criteria.
Hospital Selection:
Hospitals vary by bed size, teaching status, location (such as rural or urban), and ownership (for example, nonprofit, for-profit, government, et cetera). Conduct an evaluation of all of the hospitals in your area and ascertain the type of hospitals available to you. Make sure that you evaluate hospitals that anyone can attend, as VA hospitals should not be included as one of your three hospital choices for this project since only veterans are treated at a VA hospital. Use any of the following websites to conduct the online search for hospitals in your area as they include the necessary information that you will need to complete the hospital selection.
Franklin Street.
Hospital Compare Quality.
Hospital Care Quality Information from the Consumer Perspective.
Once you have completed the evaluation, submit the names and locations of the three hospitals you selected
Hospital Selection Scoring Guide Grading Checklist
Activity Weight
Identify hospitals and locations selected for the hospital marketing comparison
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