How do businesses protect Intellectual Property against counterfeit goods in today’s E-commerce marketplace in United States?

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• Sub Topic 1:
Define the term “Intellectual Property”, “Trademark” and “Patent” based on the definitions of United States Federal law, Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) in United States and Universal Copyright Convention. Explain the importance of patent and trademark on protecting business intellectual property in United States.
• Sub Topic 2:
Define the issues and effects of counterfeit goods in E-commerce marketplace. Use 2 presentence cases (in current 5 years) in United States related to the intellectual property against counterfeit goods in E-commerce marketplaces as examples and what were the courts’ judgments and based on what laws and codes.
• Sub Topic 3:
State out the policies of eBay and Amazon on eliminating the counterfeit goods and protect the intellectual property from the sellers in these platforms. Compare the effects and results on the policies that against counterfeit goods in eBay and Amazon.
Remarks: use headlines to divide the sub-topics; use legal information; use APA format on citations

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