How the United States went from relative isolation to increase global involvement

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Essay Instructions: Each essay must include a clear two sentences thesis statement that tells the reader directly what you intend to argue. Your paper should not simply restate the facts. A string of historical facts or statistical data does not constitute an argument. On the other hand, no paper is persuasive that does not offer evidence to support its claim. Do not assert your opinion, instead argue by using the evidence to support your thesis! That evidence should be primary sources but, for this class, you must also use the readings and lectures. You should appeal to reason. Consider counter-evidence and objections to your thesis and respond to them in advance. Imagine what an intelligent and informed classmate might say to challenge your argument. Papers must be 12 point font, double spaced, standard margins and properly footnoted or endnoted. Papers MUST be stapled by student. Citation style (based upon Chicago Manual of Style CMS) is located on the sample paper site.

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