How Topic on Visual Communications Technology class Might Apply to My Vocation

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Write, in a well-organized essay of about 1,000 words (not including the title or citation pages) on the topics you have studied in your Visual Communications Technology class, might apply to the job that you either currently hold or the position that you hope to have after you graduate. This paper is worth 100 points of the exam portion in your final grade.
• You may use any reference materials that you have available; however Wikipedia references are not considered a reliable source.
• Show specific examples, where possible, of the use of Visual Communications in your field of study.
• You may not use sources without giving them proper credit.
• The essay must be at least 50% original thought. Any quotes from other sources must be attributed to the original source.
• Include quotes from at least one interview with a person who is currently working in your chosen field in a similar position.
• Include information regarding beginning salaries, job opportunities, and required or suggested education and training.
• All essays will be checked using Turn-it-in for plagiarism. Information that you paraphrase from another source should be credited to that source as well as any direct quotes.
• Use a word processing program comparable with Microsoft Word and double-space your essay following the correct MLA format.
• Each incorrect use of grammar or incorrect spelling will result in a two-point reduction in your grade for this essay.
• When you have completed your essay, save it with the file name:
LastName FirstName Final13.doc (or .docx)
• Submit your essay to the Turnitin drop box found in your Blackboard assignment.
• Failure to submit as requested with the correct file name will result in a 10% penalty in your grade for this final. No Exceptions. So check it carefully before submitting.
This essay will be evaluated for content and for proper format and editing using Turnitin and other sources.

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