HSC Advanced English Module C “Representing People and Landscapes

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I need a high school essay for HSC. Right now I had to write 4 essays and could not finish the last one.
The word limit is 1200-1500 and it requires dealing of 2 texts.
One main text used is Alain de Botton’s Art of Travel. And the school require we pick another text to relate it to the main text. Please feel free to choose any text which you think might suit the text. But i was thinking of Using “The Raven” by Edgar Allan poe
I will attach the additional information required with the order.
I need the essay to have literary analysis and how the literary techniques help enhance the meaning.
This is the Question given by the School
“Explore how the representation of people and landscapes generates insight into the
complexity of human experience.
In your response, make detailed reference to your prescribed text and ONE other
related text of your own choosing.”
I need the essay to have at least 6 paragraphs (including Introduction and Conclusion) and 4 body paragraphs (2 ideas for each texts). And require at least 3 quotes for each paragraphs with the literary techniques of each quotes and how it links with the ideas the author wants to convey. Please read the attached files for more information!

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