Human Trafficking, Female Genital Mutilation, Genocide, US War on Terror

First one:


Use textbook, lecture, and any other legitimate sources (i.e., based on facts, not just opinions) to learn more about one of the following major human rights issues:

Human Trafficking

Female Genital Mutilation


US War on Terror

Discuss in Module 4 Forum.

Write a 4-5 paragraph essay summarizing and analyzing the issue.Be sure to describe, in detail, which human rights from the UDHR are being violated and what the international community is doing to help. Describe what agencies are involved and at what level of organization they operate. Cite all sources. Be sure to include information learned in this module.


For this assignment, there is no limit words, so I want it to be a page and half.


Second one:

Write one paragraph:

Think about the major human rights issues listed on module 4, slide 10. What do you think is the biggest human rights challenge of our time? Why? (Don’t limit yourself to just those four issues.)


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