“I agree” or “disagree”

Please replay to the four discussions that I attached here. Start with “I agree” or “disagree”  in not more than 50 words for each



Please replay to the four discussions that down here. Start with “I agree” or “disagree”  in not more than 50 words for each


I understand why schools with college preparatory focus would not allow instructional games because in college students will not deal with games when it comes to instruction. In college, students will learn in a more traditional way that usually does not include instructional games. I believe that instructional games can be very beneficial for students as long as they are used properly with the correct management. The biggest thing with instructional games is that they help keep students engaged and interested in the learning activity. For example, an instructional game that many teachers use in order to help students learn material for a test is the game of Jeopardy. This game can be very helpful in helping students student while having fun in doing so. Many students struggle to study material for test. This game can help with that issue. When I was in middle school, one class that was not my favorite was keyboard class. I did not enjoy having to learn how to type. When looking at some information on this forum topic, I came across a instructional typing game. It was a game that had music to it and a dancing duck as well. It was similar to the game Just Dance. A game like this would help students that do not enjoy or is not good at typing want to practice because it is more than just typing sentences with a covered keyboard. So, I would argue that instructional game software can be very helpful with student engagement and interest on a subject that is hard to keep students involved and interested about. This could help with one of the toughest issues that teachers deal with.




I believe there is a compelling case to be made for allowing the use of instructional game software to achieve specific educational goals.  Children (and this adult) enjoy games.  It is a struggle to keep students engaged on a daily basis.  Teaching math, I use math games often to help reinforce the lessons I’ve been teaching through direct instruction and modeling.  I see some students “get it” while we play those games.  Sometimes students forget that they are learning something new, they only think about playing the game.  Fractions for example are hard… not for adults, but for students who are just learning the concept.  We found an online game that helps students remember the steps with catchy little lyrics and game components.  Why not use games as a strategy?  I’m using every option available to me to reach as many students as possible.















While I do not teach as a profession, I am often required to deliver information and teach principles related to healthcare.  I have had the opportunity to work as a substitute in a career I do not agree with the statement calling inquiry based methods of instruction failure. Inquiry based methods allow the recipients to participate. Additionally, these methods are beneficial to the teacher as it can help them gauge interest and understanding of the material being delivered.

While I do not agree that inquiry based methods are a total failure; I do believe that there is a very important need for highly structured methods as well. For me, its not one or the other. I believe that the proper mix of both method will yield the best results. Delivering the material in a standard, efficient and structured manner will ensure that al of the material intended has been provided in the proper way to optimize comprehension. However the inquiry based methods will close any gaps and allow interaction to promote additional explanations and guidance where needed. The ultimate goal is to effectively communicate the information – to educate.



In my experience teaching methods need to be a balance of  inquiry based teaching and highly structured teaching. In art education TAB (teaching for artistic behavior) is a popular approach it allows students to discover art on their  own terms through a lot of play and experimentation. On the other hand I also see a lot of teachers that do highly structured cookie cutter lessons. Over the last two years I have observed that students at my school are afraid to use their own ideas. These students are used to being told what to do and having an inquiry, experimental approach has been difficult. When lessons are highly structured my students are able to focus more and the end result is more successful and creative. An example of this was when we learned origami at the beginning of the year. For several weeks we practiced different types of origami folds together, step by step. Then I gave them some requirements for creating a work art . Each student ended up with a unique art but they all worked on those base skill needed to create it together. By giving students the chance to practice the basic skills together most them mastered them and I was really able to focus on those that had difficulty but giving them artistic freedom to arrange material on their own gave them the opportunity to use higher order thinking skills.






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