Implementation of PACS( picture archiving and communication systems) in radiology department and how can impact on patient health care

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This is the guideline from the handbook:
Summative Assessment
You should utilise your formative assessment submission as the basis for the construction of your summative assessment. This piece of work comprises of a 4,000 word essay based upon the topic of change identified in your formative assessment.
You should develop an evidenced bases plan of implementation for the specific change justifying why you believe your plan has the highest chance of successful implementation within your own work place.
In developing your essay you should consider the following:
Your introduction should clearly identify your aim and chosen topic for change and provide a brief structure for your essay.
The first section of the essay should include a critique of the internal and external drivers for your topic of change which should be identified using appropriate management tools.
Using a model of planned change, the essay should provide an evidence-based plan of actions which you think would lead to the successful implementation of your initiative in your specific area of practice. This section of your essay should address the key principles introduced during the module and reflect the learning
The essay should conclude with a critical reflection of your learning in relation to your planed change and could include reflections on the process of change, your leadership of change and your specific areas? readiness to change
Your essay should be supported by seminal and contemporary literature which has been critically evaluated.

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