Implementation of Quality Management in Oil and Gas Companies to Control Health, Safety and Environmental Conditions

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Abstract/ Summary:
Please provide some background about the project, company, situation and overall summary as to the nature of problem and what is required (approx 500 words)
These should be measurable and will be used in part in determining the level of achievement of the project.
Project Deliverable:
Provide a list of key outcomes of the conducted project (can be for each of the above objectives/ stages) these can be studies, reports, recommendations etc
Why are you interested in the project?
Provide a reason for your interest, what greater general interest it serves (In Industry or as part of Research) and who it could benefit (the target audience(s) that this project would be beneficial to)
This should indicate why the student is interested but also should cover the broader issues of the interest of others.
What research methods do you intend to use?
What primary and/or secondary data sources do you intend to use?
Please provide draft chapter headings for your report
Please attach or outline a project schedule (Gantt chart) which incorporates the phases of your project and activities to undertake, duration, start and end dates, any milestones/ deliverable and major dependencies.
You will have needed to refer to articles, journals and books in order to have researched your project proposal. You must supply a minimum of 5 references (at least one book, one journal, one website and one e journal) these must be correctly cited, numbered and presented.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

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