In Search of a Better World: Utopianism in Literature

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The final research essay will entail readings from texts on the syllabus and critical research both in textual and other digital media sources, that will form a backdrop for a case study of a contemporary or near contemporary utopian society or experiment. It will take a critical look at a contemporary or near contemporary utopian experiment or society, whether real or imaginary. It will propose an original thesis and build it’s argument through the lenses of at least 3-4 historical and fictional utopian texts covered on the syllabus. Hone in on a particular problem, relationship, or power dynamic that you see at work in different ways across 3-4 texts. Consider how each of the writers or texts suggests ways of looking at the world that sheds light on your chosen contemporary utopian community, ideal or vision. Your job for this essay is to critically examine this near contemporary utopian ideal through historical and textual lenses of previous thought experiments to create a better world.

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