Indentifying strength and weakness in critical thinking

Indentifying strength and weakness in critical thinking

Project description
ired Reading: Strategy List – 35 Dimensions of Critical Thought
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After keeping a journal of critical thinking expereince that identify situations where critical thinking is needed, what the barriers were to critical thinking and how to overcome them, following weaknesses were identified from the 35 Dimensions of Critical Thought:

– Evaluating the Credibility of Sources of Information
– Questioning Deeply: Raising and Pursuing Root or Significant Questions
– Generating or Assessing Solutions
– Analyzing or Evaluating Actions and Policies
– Reading Critically: Clarifying or Critiquing Texts
– Reasoning Dialogically: Comparing Perspectives, Interpretations, or Theories
– Comparing and Contrasting Ideals with Actual Practice
– Thinking Precisely About Thinking: Using Critical Vocabulary
– Examining or Evaluating Assumptions
– Distinguishing Relevant From Irrelevant Facts
– Giving Reasons and Evaluating Evidence and Alleged Facts

All others of the 35 Dimensions of Critical Thought were strength


The paper will be 1 page in length utilizing APA format and supported with three (3) references. The paper will include:

(a) an analysis on the personal weakness and strengths from the 35 dimensions of critical thought, plus a statement of why this would be of interest to a student of critical thinking and innovation.

(b) a discussion what will continues to be done well, containing the following three elements:

– initiates with an intellectual propositional assertion that is not obvious and supported with one (1) of the three (3) references
– a reactionary assertion to challenge the proposition that is supported with one (1) of the three (3) references
– a reconciling assertion that is supported with the remaining one (1) of the three (3) references


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