Information Systems for Business Performance

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You are required to choose a medium sized business (B2B, B2C, C2B or C2C) and based on the history of the business in the last ten years answer the following three questions.
1. Choose a specific business function (e.g. Sales / Marketing etc) and critically evaluate the performance management tools and the key indicators that are used by that organisation for managing the performance of that function.
2. Apply 3-4 analytical tools in strategic management and formulate a suitable E-business strategy for the company. Your proposed strategy should be based on your analysis, and supported by evaluation of your proposed approach, indicating its suitability for the organisation, and also its relation to the company’s business model.
3. Critically evaluate the applicability of Business Intelligence and Social Media Marketing tools to the business and discuss how it can adopt the same to enhance business performance
Your report should start with a brief overview about the business and should encompass the following sections. Please note, this part will not be included in the specified word count.
1. Company profile
2. Core products and services offered by the business
3. Its IT and E-business adoption status
Learning Outcomes
• Evaluate issues relevant to the development, implementation and evaluation of successful strategies for business performance, in particular e-business strategies
• Critically appraise the challenges faced by managers in the development and deployment of strategy for enhancing business performance
• Critically analyse how business prepare effectively for the future, transforming strategies into plans, plans into actions, and actions into results, and apply a range of alternative models and tools in environmental analysis and performance measurements for competitive advantage
• Successfully deploy relevant critical, analytical and academic skills in an extended piece of writing related to management information systems

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