Instructional Cost per Pupil and ACT Score in IL

Order Description
The purpose of this study is to first identify high school districts that have an instructional expenditure per pupil level that is the top quintile and bottom quintile of all high school districts in Illinois. Of those schools, this study will determine if a relationship exists between instructional expenditures per pupil and student achievement. Specifically, this study will examine whether instructional per-pupil expenditure for high school districts in the State of Illinois is related to student achievement as identified by the ACT.
In addition this study will examine whether the number of the Advanced Placement courses offered by each high school District has a relationship to student achievement. This will be utilized to determine whether the economic resources available in the district has an influence on the number of advanced coursework students have access to.
This study will focus upon high school districts within the top and bottom quintile of high school districts as identified by instructional expenditure per-pupil. These districts are chosen so that the Equalized Assessed Valuation for each school district can be identified and compared amongst the high school districts used in this study.

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