‘To rework the Single Assessment task as outlined below taking on board the feedback provided by the module tutor. You will need to demonstrate that you have responded proactively to comments and feedback received from the originally submitted piece of work to ensure it meets the assessment criteria standards for a pass mark’. Using the multiagency Case Study materials write 1,750 words in the format of a Professional Report demonstrating your ability to assess risk. The report should show your ability to analyse and interpret information balancing rights, risks and responsibilities in this case incorporating research, theory and risk assessment models/tools. A clear professional judgement and recommendation will need to be put forward based upon your analysis. Your assignment will need to; Use the multiagency case study materials attached to Moodle to complete the report. Information included in this will include the initial referral into Children Services, partner agency’s information, views of children and family members, social workers information gathered from home visit/s. Use the Professional Report template which is provided to students via Moodle. The report will need to be written in a professional style, you can write in the first person for this assignment assuming the role of the assessing social worker. The main area and focus should be on analysing and interpreting the information gathered which will inform your professional judgement. The application of research, theory, policy and values needs to be incorporated into the report in a cohesive style and will be clearly academically referenced. The report will be understandable, use common language so that the case study characters and service users can read and understand the report.

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