Internal Influences in Consumer Behavior and Learning

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Internal Influences in Consumer Behavior and Learning
The purpose of this assignment is to develop and demonstrate your understanding of the consumer learning theories (in particular classical and instrumental (aka operant conditioning)). Specifically, you are asked to demonstrate your ability to identify how those theories are applied in real life marketing.
The assignment:
1. Find 2 print ads (e.g., newspaper, magazine) that you believe are GOOD ads and would have an ACTUAL positive effect on consumer behaviour or attitudes:
• One is to be an ad that you think is using CLASSICAL CONDITIONING.
• The other is to be an ad that you think is using INSTRUMENTAL CONDITIONING.
• EACH of the ads can be from any category: products, brands, stores, institutions, services, etc. It is important, however, they both should be GOOD ads according to you.
• The ads can be in any language; however, if they are not in English, you have to provide a translation of every part of the text;
• Important: ads from Internet are not allowed.
2. For EACH of the ads, you need to specify the following:
a). What do you think is a target group of the ad and why. Be as specific as possible. “Anybody” is not an answer, because, personally I didn’t see many babies reacting to ads, although they are under “anybody” category. So, be as specific as possible, think about age group, gender, household composition, social class, education, income, region, nationality, etc. For most ads you can specify at least 2 of those categories. Does the ad address the target group properly?
b) What do you think was the goal of the ad and why: i.e., increase awareness, introduce a new product, change attitude, advertise to a different target group, “beat” a competitor (if so, explain on which attribute), increase retention rate etc. Does the ad do a good job with it?
c) Explain in detail how the theories are implemented in the ads (using references to the academic articles, see d) and WHY you think the ads you selected will work on consumers. In particular,
• For the add that makes use of Classical Conditioning theory you need to explain which element(s) in the ad is/are:
• unconditioned stimulus,
• unconditioned response,
• conditioned stimulus and
• conditioned response
• and how all these will affect attitude to that specific product or brand. Please use diagrams – boxes and arrows.
• For the ad that makes use of Instrumental Conditioning, specify:
• the type of the reinforcement (e.g., positive or negative),
• exactly which elements play the role of the reinforcement (e.g., a specific part of the text or a pictorial)
• exactly what kind of behavior is encouraged by the reinforcement.
d) When you describe your theories you need to provide references not only to the textbook, but also to the academic journal articles. You’ll need to have at least 2 references to the academic articles (at least 1 per ad). I would suggest searching in the following journals: Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, Marketing Science, Management Science, Journal of Academy of Marketing Science, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Psychology and Marketing, Journal of Advertising, Journal of Retailing. You are free to use other references in addition (not instead of) to the 2 required academic ones.
References MUST be in APA style. PLEASE source (i.e. reference in the text of your assignment) any information from the text book or other relevant sources. It is expected that any description or use of terminology from the text book be referenced. Marks will be deducted for poor referencing.
Assignment Format
Your assignment can be written up in short answer format. Use the headings above (Task A, B & C) to separate your answers. The maximum length of the assignment is 1000 words, excluding the actual ads, references, appendices and questions/question headings. This is not an essay style assignment, so bullet points can be used.

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