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To what extent can the law on goods and/or services and or digital content be said to be suitably up to date and to strike the right balance between the interests of the various parties involved? (In answering this, try to draw upon relevant experiences and examples from UK law, any relevant EU provisions (e.g. Sales Directive, DCFR, CESL), relevant international provisions (e.g. CISG, Unidroit) and your home country (if it is not the UK)).
So the writer can chose to write on one topic or can write two topics and compare then. For example it can either write just on goods or just on services or just on digital content and use EU provisions and other countries to compare it. Or for example it can write on goods and services and compare it and use EU provisions and other countries.
In whatever it chooses it must use EU provisions and can use other country only if it wants to.
Must use articles so not just books to answer the questions. And anything copied, must be referenced . I will provide an essay example of how it should be referenced and how a bibliography should be written . Also will provide some documents that the writer can read and use it for the essay to answer the question but it must use other articles too.

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