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You need to create Excel sheet for: Benchmarking, the second sheet that you need to create is Information Ratio sheet (this will be the final sheet in excel).
In the Benchmarking sheet, you have to choose 2 Benchmarks for example: Dow Jones and NASDAQ.
• Every benchmark must be separate table as it is shown in the given example, but be careful that the numbers and calculations in the given example are from past years. So, I would like from you to use dates from December 2014 for the Closing Index, and then you need to calculate the STD DEV, Difference and the Sharpe Ratio for the two benchmarks tables { Dow Joes and NASDAQ}
• Note that in the given example that used 4 benchmarks, but you only need to use 2 benchmarks.
• After you have done the required 2 benchmarks, then you have to create a new sheet for ‘’ Information Ratio’’ which will include two tables one for Information Ratio Benchmark 1 (Dow Jones) and the second table for information Ratio Benchmark 2 (NASDAQ).
• When you are creating benchmarks, you compare the Portfolio ‘’ this is the first sheet in excel’’ against the different two benchmarks.
• After you have finished the Benchmarking and Information Ratio Sheets on Excel, then you need to start the report ‘’ the requirements and what should be included in the report you will find it in page 4 in the assessment brief’’ under the title: what should be included in the report’’. Please read carefully.
• I have uploaded the full assessment brief, I completed the 10 trades on excel in the first sheet ‘’ Portfolio’’ and I finished the Bank statement, profit calculation and Daily wealth sheets.
• PLEASE note that the dates in the benchmarking sheet and the Information Ratio must be related to the dates used in the Portfolio.
Important Notes:
• Please read carefully what the report should include.
• Use Harvard reference style.
• Resources: 15: 4/5 articles, 5 books, 4/5 reliable web pages.
• Note that I have attached some very important articles about Benchmarks, Information Ratio and Sharpe Ratio. Please make sure you read them fully.
• Also note that I uploaded 2 YouTube links (You will find them in word document), they are for a similar example on how the trades done.
• These are the documents that I uploaded : They are 9 documents:
 Article 1 about Benchmarking
 Article 2 about Benchmark
 Article about Information Ratio Goodwin (1998)
 Article about Sharp and Information Ratios Israelsen (2004)
 Assessment Brief International Finance

PayPal Acceptance Mark

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