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An important aspect of the course is the group project. This project will be done in a group of 2 to 5. The group project will be in the form of a REPORT of 3,000 – 5000 words. While the format may normally be a business report, it is important that you read the following carefully and in consultation with your faculty decide on the organisation. In Marketing there are no “model answers” to situations and thus there is not a single correct way of dealing with the topic that you choose. The distinction between a good answer and one that is not so good is in the analysis and clear response to the topic/s. In your report, provide justification for the solutions that you suggest.
Assignment: Develop an Internet Marketing Strategy for a local company with no/ Inactive web presence using the SOSTAC model
Your report should provide the answers to the following questions:
1. Situation: Where is your business at this point of time (SWOT Analysis).
2. Objectives- Where you want to get to (5 S Objectives)
3. Strategy -How are you going to get there (Segmentation, Targeting and OVP)
4. Tactics-How will you execute the plan ( E marketing mix, Decide which communication tools to use, plan the way you will use these tools, choose your marketing message, Allocate Budget that is adequate to cover your expenses)
5. Actions- Who is in charge of carrying each step, skills he she expected to have and deadlines for doing so. A detailed plan outlining different steps to be taken in the immediate future.
6. Control- How will the process be monitored and measured

PayPal Acceptance Mark

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